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Bosch Sets Up Internet of Things Company

Bosch has set up a new company, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, for the internet of things and services. The company will supply compact electronic products and software expertise designed to make devices and objects intelligent and web-enabled across a broad range of applications. It will initially focus on sensor-based applications for smart homes as […]

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Is HostGator Cheating Affiliates With Their Affiliate Program?

I’m a Hostgator Affiliate from last 4 years, and till now I have made over $ 25,000 from their affiliate program. Maximum ever I made with them in a  months was $ 3125, and you must be wondering why I decided to pick this topic, and calling one of my successful program as a SCAM. […]

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7 Ways To Build A B2B Brand Advantage

We tend to put the onus for likeability on B2C brands, but while B2B brands may work to different dynamics and different decision trees, people still want to do business with people they like spending time with. Here are 7 ways your B2B brand can increase other businesses’ inclination to work with you. 1. Build […]

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Product & Project Awards Final Deadline Today

Today is the final deadline for submissions to the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. The second annual Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards program recognizes excellence in energy and sustainability management by awarding Top Product/Project of the Year status to those that receive a high score from a panel of distinguished judges, headed by […]

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#BlackFriday = media trap

Black Friday was a deliberate invention of the National Association of Retailers. It was not only the perfect way to promote stores during a super slow news day, but had the side benefit of creating a new cultural norm. Any media outlet that talks about Black Friday as an actually important phenomenon is either ignorant […]

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Dow, Cargill Win Green Chemistry Awards

Dow Chemical, Cargill and Life Technologies have won the 2013 President Green Chemistry Challenge award for developing chemicals safer for public health and the environment. The challenge awards are presented in five categories: academic, small business, greener synthetic pathways, greener reaction conditions and designing greener chemicals.  An independent panel of technical experts convened by the American Chemical Society […]

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Indian Professional Bloggers – Gems of India [Infographic]

Professional blogging is not so common job-profile in India, and there are only few bloggers from India who are doing it professionally. In past 2 years, number of bloggers from India has grown up by a great extent, and a big pool of Indian young guns are realising the power of blogging for their passive […]

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Because who’s perfect anyway?

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organisation dedicated to achieving equal status and opportunities for handicapped people. Together with Jung von Matt they conducted an experiment: Rebuild manequins to match the actual bodies of handicapped people and use them in a regular fashion boutique. How will people react? Jung von Matt / Pro Infirmis Adverblog

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Bluehost Hosting Cyber Monday $0.99/Mo Offer Is Live [Grab Now]

Of all the Black Friday and Cyber monday offers, I found Bluehost Cyber monday deal to be super sweet. Bluehost is one of the premium hosting company and known for their top-notch hosting quality. Unlike other hosting company they have only one shared hosting package, which is feature rich like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, cPanel […]

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Siteground Hosting Discount : 70% Off Black Friday Sale

Siteground is one of the old pioneer in Webhosting and one thing which they lacked so far is Promotion and getting word out. Finally siteground is working actively to promote their 8-year-old Webhosting company. One thing which is interesting about Siteground is it’s a Page rank 9 Webhosting company and so far one of the […]

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Social Media - not just another marketing tool.

Two days before, a new music album was released by a talented musical band. As they were freshman, they genuinely sound fresh & new. They have also combined different forms to craft something unique and captivating- as expected of artists. In order to enhance the marketability quotient about the brand and their album, PR’s and the marketers labeled the album as a fantabulous music we have never heard before. Even the band members were dressed up in uber fashionable clothes with dreadlocks on their launch party calling their album with newer adjectives like eHop, Trip hip and so on.

The question is, will the marketing that targets the audience of local denomination only, turn out to be successful in the past paced digitized world? The most fruitful and yielding method of marketing is no more Press Releases, inbound marketing, advertisements or Search engine optimization, it is actually the Social Media Marketing that brings generous results. Precisely, the success of social media marketing lies in the fact it is the only strategy through which brands connect emotionally with the targeted audience.

The thing about marketing is, customers are hardly interested in what all types of marketing brands are doing, and the only thing they care about is which brand holds an ability to connect to their emotion. As a matter of fact, as more and more things are thrown at the targeted audience in the name of marketing, the probability of customers shutting the brand out or off quadruples.

Think for a second: Everyone in today’s world is busy, would consumers like to waste their time talking to a telemarketer or a direct marketer or responding to search engine marketers?

Social Media helps brands to relate with the targeted audience, but that does not mean the profession of marketers is long dead and it’s time to try other jobs. Rather it’s time to employ strategy wherein they can sneak into people life by caring not by sending hundreds of spam emails or gibberish marketing calls.

For a customer, there are only two types of marketing

  • That makes them relate to the product or services
  • That does not relate

For the brands which land into the latter type, no matter how and what they are advertising, to the targeted audience it will be all irrelevant. None can deny the fact, we are living in a media driven world where progressive brands intending to relate with the necessitations of the targeted audience are using social media marketing. The truth is customers are no looking for television advertisements or big pamphlets but matter to which they can connect. They need useful and game-changing conceptions which involve smart thinking.

Using Social media marketing means employing a collaborative approach of marketing.

  • As of November 2013 statistics, there are 1.19 Billion active users on Facebook
  • As of June 2013 statistics, there are 218 Million active users on Twitter
  • Google’s Annual Search Statistics for the year of 2012, on an average 5,134,000,000 searches were made by Netizens
  • After Google, YouTube has gracefully satisfied people’s quest about products and services.

Social Media has been termed as the most effective mode of marketing because of its collaborative approach.

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